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Barbecue Menu

Barbecue buffet
(minimum for 20 guests)

Cold starters and salads
Salad bar – cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, slices of radish, lettuce, arugula
Dried tomatoes, minimozzarella, white bread croutons, grated Parmesan
Balsamico, olive oil, french dressing

Grilled specialities
Chicken breasts steak
Boneless chicken leg
Pork mignon medals marinated in Dijon mustard
Grilled pork ribs
Grilled Salmon

Side dishes
Grilled garlic potatoes
Grilled rosemary potatoes
Grilled vegetable
Ketchup, tartar sauce


Orange cheese cake
Grilled pineapple with caramel mascarpone

Price 450 CZK incl. VAT / 1 person

grams in total 1098 g / 1 person

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