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Rules of Petanque

Pétanque is played with metal balls (boules) and a small wooden ball (jack).


1) The jack and the boules are thrown from a circle (diameter 35 – 55 cm). Both feet are within the circle and touching the ground.


2) Individuals (each player has 3 boules), doubles (each player has 3 boules) or teams of three (each player has 2 boules) can play against each other.


3) The aim of the game is to get your boule closer to the jack than your opponent. The boule is normally thrown from below and spun.


4) A player of one team throws the jack (6 to 10 m from the circle) and his team also throw the first boule.


5) Then it is the opponent’s turn who tries to throw their boule better (closer to the jack)


6) or knock the opponent’s boule which is nearest the jack away.


7) If he succeeds and his boule is closer than his opponent’s, the first team throws again for as long


8) as his boule remains further from the jack than his opponent’s. The teams take turns in throwing.


9) If one team throw all their boules, the other team throw all theirs too.


10) And that is the end of one game. The team receives points according to how many of their boules are closer to the jack than the closest of the opponent’s. A new game begins by the team who won the previous game throwing the jack again.


The match is won by the first team to reach thirteen points.

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