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A wedding in Letenský zámeček will make your wedding reception a once-in-a-lifetime experience and will elevate your day of celebration.  

Wedding menu 2018

Wedding menu I. á 749 CZK incl. VAT / 1 person
Gently filleted roast veal with caper mayonnaise
Chicken broth with small semolina dumplings
Absolut green apple sorbet
Pork filet mignon baked in pancetta with onion confit, mashed potatoes 
Grilled salmon with leaf spinach, mashed potatoes
Wedding cookies

Wedding menu II. á 705 CZK incl. VAT / 1 person
Prosciutto with lettuce, fresh blueberries and Balsamic reduction
Veal consommé with sherry and gnocchi
Mango sorbet with Calvados
Beef and chicken steaks with peppercorn sauce, baked Grenaille potatoes
Wedding cookies

Wedding menu III. á 1065 CZK incl. VAT / 1 person
Fresh salmon tartar with caviar, crème fraîche and toasts
Vegetable broth
Mojito sorbet
Beef steak with colour pepper sauce served with fava beans, potatoes au gratin
Grilled tuna steak served with saffron risotto with rocket
Wedding cookies

Wedding menu IV. á 778 CZK incl. VAT / 1 person
Duck liver pâté with pieces of fois gras served with white toast
Beef consommé with sherry and vegetable
Mango sorbet with Calvados
Steak from Holstein veal served on fresh chanterelle sauce, baked Grenaille potatoes
Grilled salmon with leaf spinach, mashed potatoes
Wedding cookies

Wedding menu of Czech specialities á 695 CZK incl. VAT / 1 person
Sliced smoked duck breast served with cold gingerbread sauce
Strong beef consommé with small liver balls
Lemon sorbet with plum and plum brandy
Beef with cream sauce, cranberries and whipped cream, home made dumplings
Wedding cookies

Wedding vegetarian menu á 663 CZK incl. VAT / 1 person
Beet root carpaccio with whipped goat cheese and pine nuts
Seasonal cream soup
Sorbet the same as a majority menu
Arborio risotto with green asparagus
Wedding cookies

Wedding child´s menu I. á 250 CZK incl. VAT / 1 person
Ham with tomatoe
Same soup as a majority menu
Lemon sorbet with Sprite
Fried chicken steak with mashed potatoes
Dessert – the same as adult guests

*In case the wedding cake is not served as a dessert,  we can offer our original wedding dessert for price 110 CZK per person – same for all guests (vanilla, chocolate or mascarpone flavour)

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